Walk the Red Carpet Pix: 06GalaPix

LET’S FACE IT: On most nights, Washington, D.C., is more Spam than glam. Our headliners are policy talkers, not red-carpet walkers; we have a massive celebrity-trade-deficit with Hollywood and New York. Clearly, what this town needs is some home-spun glitz. And May 16, 2006, One In Ten started that glitz spinning.

Hundreds of One In Ten friends walked between the velvet ropes, along the red carpet, dodging paparazzi on their way into the Kimpton Helix hotel. Guests filled the lounge and conference rooms with glamour, the tinkle of cocktail glasses and the buzz of inside chatter, and they browsed along tables filled with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, paintings, engravings, sculpture, textiles and more.

Bidding in the silent and the live auctions was robust and generous. And the evening — from dusk arrivals (just like the Oscars) through the late-night live auction — was great for fun and for fund-raising, all for the cause of supporting glbt arts.

The Helix awaits. So do the paparazzi!

Enough already!

One In Ten President Liz Braman and Vice President David de la Tour, who was also Gala co-chair. Lisa King, Gala co-chair, takes the mike.
New One In Ten Executive Director Margaret Murray says hello on this, her first day on the job. What a welcome! The live auction begins! Excitement builds …

ONE IN TEN AT 2006 CAPITOL PRIDE: Thanks for all who stopped by to say hi and to sign up for our mailing lists and volunteer opportunities at Sunday’s 2006 Capitol Pride Festival in Washington’s Freedom Plaza.

Twenty people helped staff the booth from an 8:30 a.m. setup to a 7:30 p.m. tear-down. During the day, hundreds of people took away goodies like full-size, collectible movie posters for Transamerica, mini-posters for The Devil Wears Prada, and other film paraphernalia. And candy. Lots of candy.

Congratulations to the 2006 Capitol Pride Committee for another wonderful celebration of glbt life and to whatever spirit was responsible for the fantastic cool, sunny weather.