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BLACK TIE OR NO TIE, RITZY OR SCHLITZY, nearly 300 of One In Ten’s best friends celebrated glbt arts at the fourth annual Spring gala Saturday, May 12. After their Red Carpet walk — and, ever creative, they walked in anything from Oscars tuxes and gowns to the jeans and way-hip graphic T’s you’d see at Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction concert — guests got their bidding numbers and set about helping One In Ten raise $35,200 for glbt arts.

Rooms at Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar held hundreds of items donated by businesses and artists. The live auction centerpiece was renowned glass artist Tim Tate’s The Heart of St. Sebastian (after what Tim endured at another recent gala, many eyes were on that prize, just to keep it safe).

Starting a new tradition, Executive Director Margaret Murray presented awards of appreciation — they were beautiful glass panels created at Tate’s Washington Glass School — to loyal supporters of glbt artists. Then she turned the podium over to Emcee Mark Chalfont and auctioneer Patrick O’Neill, who kept the bidding spirited and generous.

We can’t wait until next year. How about coming as your favorite Red Carpet character? Or come as a group: The Three Faces of Britney (Mouseketeer, Video Temptress, Psychological Case Study); The Ages of Elton (Rocket Man, Straight Marriage, Rehab, Lion King, Gay Marriage); The Cher Farewell Tour (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and the much-rumored, post-farewell, turn-back-time-one-more-time Las Vegas “Special Appearance”). Whoever you’ll be, we’ll see you on the Red Carpet ’08

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OIT Executive Director Margaret Murray, right
Bid number at the ready. Worth it? You bet. Decision time.
Left, gala co-chair David de la Tour Center, gala
co-chair Lisa King.
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